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Lute.ru radio. 24 hours a day, listen on-line lute music. On-line player will open in a new window, you can continue to browse the site, listening to the lute. START >>>
Lute music story. The exhaustive information about history lute music, composers, luteists, makers, publishers of the Renaissance, Baroque and their biographies.
Touching hand to strings of the lute. Article about the most reliable information about the history of formation and development of the lute.
A Brief History of the instrument. Brief history of development instrument - lute.
Lute instruments review. The review of family lute instruments. Renaissance lute, Baroque lutes and Baroque guitar, Vihuela, Theorbo, Chitarrone, Wandervogel lute, Renaissance Cittern, Mandolin, Bandora, Torban, etc.
Luteists, composers, associates. Information about modern and early players on the lute instruments, composers, makers, publishers, and simply associates. Biographies, photos, etc.
Modern. Modern players on early instruments, associates.
Luteists XX century. Names, biographies.
Early. Early players, composers, luthier, publishers, theorists. Contains about 500 names.
Review of the lute CD. In this review, there are more than 150 CD. On this page you can read the contents of CD, see the cover of a larger size and listen to some tracks on-line.
Theory and practice of play. What does it mean - lute tablature and how to read it? How to play at the classical guitar the lute music? Tuning of lute instruments, strings and other manuals.
Library «Tabulatures and notes» The library contains about 4000 lute tabulatures of more than 150 composers (format ft2, pdf, midi, tab), more than 100 books and collections containing more than 3000 compositions (format jtb). Lute books in pdf format. Sheet music for classical and Russian seven-string guitar. Ancient manuscripts.
Lute solos (ft3 + pdf, midi). The section includes thousands and thousands of pieces for the lute. in the ft3 file format of the FRONIMO program (there is download link). All these files are duplicated in pdf and midi, which allows viewing them without installing the FRONIMO program. In this program, the default tablature displayed as French, but it is easy to switch to any other. Section contents (file names): | ARCHIVE I | ARCHIVE II | USERS |
Lute books (jtb). This section contains the lute books and collections with more than 3000 products in E-format jtb Fandango program (formerly Django). Section contents (files and their contents): | England | France | Germany | Holland | Italy | Spain |
Lute books (pdf). This section contains lute books in format PDF of program Adobe Acrobat Reader. This format approaches for any computer platform and allows to display covers and the most exotic fonts. Section contents (file names): Lute books (pdf)
Manuscripts (jpg, pdf, png). A manuscript or handwrit is a recording of information that has been manually created by someone or some people, such as a hand-written letter, as opposed to being printed or reproduced some other way. The word manuscript is derived from the Latin manu scriptum, literally "written by hand". Section contents (file names): | ARCHIVE I | ARCHIVE II |
Classical guitar (pdf). This section contains virtually all published sheet music for classical guitar for the past three centuries, arranged for guitar works written for the lute and baroque guitar, transcriptions of works by famous composers, works of flamenco guitarists. In total, the library contains about 11000 pages. Section contents (files and their contents): Classical guitar 18th century, Classical guitar 19th century, Classical guitar 20th century, Transcryptions for classical guitar, Lute and baroque guitar for classica guitar, Flamenco guitar.
Video «Lute instruments». You will see on-line on this page of video of play on lute instruments.
Lute in painting and photo. In this gallery of pictures you can get acquainted with the fine art of different epochs associated with the lute.
Classical guitar page. Information about the history of the classical guitar, the guitar in the history of Russia, early and modern famous guitarists. Classical guitar in jazz. Large library of guitar music.
History of classical guitar. Article ED Larichev about the history of the classical guitar.
History of guitar in Russia. Article ED Larichev about the history of the guitar in Russia..
Classics of guitar. Biographies of the most glorified and known guitarists - composers who have brought in the huge contribution to development of guitar music in the world..
F.Sor, M.Giuliani, F.Carulli , .Carcassi, D. Aguado, M.Lyobet, F.Tarrega-Eshea, A.Segovia, A.Barrios, F.Moreno Torroba, E.Pujol Vilarruby, I.Albeniz, H.Villa-Lobos, M.L.Anido, C.J.Brock, M.Zani, B.Calatayud, A.Villoldo, L.Legnani, C.Garcia, F.B.Sanz.
Russian classics. Biographies of the most famous guitarists who have made a huge contribution to the development of guitar music in Russia.
A.O.Sihra, M.D.Sokolovsky, M.T.Vysotsky, N.P.Makarov, S.N.Aksenov, V.I.Morkov, M.A.Stahovich, V.A.Rusanov, P.F.Beloshein, I.E.Lyahov, V.P.Lebedev, B.P.Hlopovsky, V.M.Yuriev, V.I.Yashnev, M.F.Ivanov, P.S.Agafoshin, A.M.Ivanov-Kramskoy, V.S.Sazonov, S.D.Orehov, P.I.Isakov, L.F.Andronov, N.K.Slepuhov, V.S.Sarenko, E.D.Larichev, A.V.Shiryalin, A.K.Frauchi, Yu.V.Vorontsov, A.P.Soloviev.
Famous guitarists. The most famous guitarists.
J.Bream, L.Brouwer, V.Mikulka, E.Bitetti, J.M.Gallardo del Rey, R.Dyens, M.Barrueco, K.Yamashita, J.Williams, P.Romero.
Russian guitarists. The most famous Russian guitarists.
N.A.Koshkin, N.A.Komolyatov, L.V.Karpov, M.S.Yablokov, V.Tervo, V.Shirokov, V.V.Kozlov, I.V.Rehin, V.I.Dotsenko, V.M.Dubovitsky, A.V.Zimakov, M.Goldort, V.Chebanov, D.Illarionov, E.Yu.Finkelshteyn, A.V.Bardina.
Classical guitar in Jazz. Jazz musis and classical guitar. Joe Pass and Laurindo Almeida. Compositions of Almeida (cool-jazz). Notes of jazz arrangements for classical guitar.
Sites about classical guitar. Societies, publishing, guitars and accessories, makers, classical guitar sites, Internet shops, others.
The Scottish Guitar. The book has 74 pages, and there are 40 mp3 files. It is the sum of many years researching and performing Scottish lute, cittern and guitar music. The key thing is the performances. There is a continuity of style and technique going back nearly 1,000 years, which I have brought to the modern nylon and steel-strung guitar. As I say in the Introduction, this is more Scottish than 'Celtic'.
Russian 7-stringed guitar. Page about Russian seven-string guitar. Contains information about the history of the instrument, contains extensive collection of tutorials, manuals and notes for the seven-string guitar for free download.
Guitar in Russia. Book 1961 B.Volman "Guitar in Russia". Chapter 1, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6
Tutorials, Allowance, Notes View and download books to the seven-string guitar.
Classical guitar in rock and pop music. The unique offer for players on classical guitar. If you study or play classical guitar and you have lack of interesting modern repertoire or you are publisher and look for interesting material, you are at the right place.
See the list of course compositions. Where you can see and notes of separate compositions and listen in format Windows Media Audio -"wma"
Series of notes for guitar. You can look published in Russia notes from the series "With own hands" 1996-1999 and download.
Early music in Russia. Page about the musicians, early music ensembles, musical instrument artisan living in Russia or abroad.
Catalogue of thematic links. Themed and friendly sites.
Guitar internet radio. Best online guitar music broadcast.
Solo Guitar on Calm Radio
Classical Guitar on Calm Radio
Classical Guitar on 181.FM