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Early music in Russia
Page about the musicians, early music ensembles, musical instrument artisan living in Russia or abroad.
Players on early instruments

Canto Vivo

Ensemble, founded in 2000 by Andrei Chernyshov unites musicians - singers and instrumentalists - professionals in the field of European music of the late Middle Ages, the Renaissance and early Baroque - from XIV to the beginning of the XVIII century.
Duet "Tanedores"
Duet "Tanedores"

- Spanish music of the Baroque era.

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- ensemble of early music - Historical information. The list of players. The information about repertoir.


- Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula.
Aleksandr Suetin

- soloist of the Moscow state academic philarmonic society, the honored artist of Russia, the honorary member European lute societies.

Makers of early instrument

Vihuela of Aleksandr Batov
Aleksander Batov

- The Russian maker of early instrument. Lives in England.

Lute of Michail Fedchenko Lute of Michail Fedchenko Baroque guitar of Michail Fedchenko
Michael Fedchenko

- Russian master of ancient instruments. St. Petersburg

Lute (Renaissance, Baroque, theorbo, etc.), guitar (classical, seven-stringed, lute, etc.), vihuela.

Stepan Tihonenko

Ukraine, Uzhgorod

Lute, viola, harp, Rebecca, violin, etc.

Dubnovitsky Yuri, Anatoly Gundilovich

Belarus, Pinsk

Lute (Renaissance, Baroque, theorbo, etc.), spinets, the viola.

Anton Horin

Musical master Petersburg.

Vadim Ginkovsky

Musical master

- Lute (Renaissance, Baroque, Theorbs)
- Guitars
- Viola