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Igor Varfolomeev's site about lute and guitar music
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The exhaustive information about history lute music, composers, luteists, makers, publishers of the Renaissance, Baroque and their biographies.

The review of family lute instruments. Renaissance lute, Baroque lutes and Baroque guitar, Vihuela, Theorbo, Chitarrone, Wandervogel lute, Renaissance Cittern, Mandolin, Bandora, Torban, etc.

Information about modern and early players on the lute instruments, composers, luthier, publishers, and simply associates. Biographies, photos, etc.

of the lute
In this review, there are more than 150 CD. On this page you can read the contents of CD, see the cover of a larger size and listen to some tracks on-line.

Theory and
of play
What does it mean - lute tablature and how to read it? How to play at the classical guitar the lute music? Tuning of lute instruments, strings and other manuals.

and notes»
The library contains more than 7000 lute tabulatures of more than 150 composers (format ft2), more than 100 books and collections containing more than 3000 compositions (format jtb). Lute books in pdf format. Sheet music for classical and Russian seven-string guitar. Ancient manuscripts.

You will see on-line on this page of video of play on lute instruments.

Lute in
painting and
In this gallery of pictures you can get acquainted with the fine art of different epochs associated with the lute.

Information about the history of the classical guitar, the guitar in the history of Russia, early and modern famous guitarists. Classical guitar in jazz. Large library of guitar music.

society of
the World
About lute society of the world

of thematic
The catalogue of links. Here it is possible to find any information on a subject of early music, musical societies, masters, players and ensembles of all world, a history, instruments, theory, etc. The Catalogue is divided into subjects. Contains more than 800 links.

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 The information for visitors
     Welcome to the website dedicated to the lute and guitar music. Most touched upon the lute, as unjustly forgotten instrument, which appeared the ancestor not only the classical guitar, but also many other stringed instruments. You will learn the history of the lute and classical guitar, as well as learn about other instruments lute family, including such as the Scottish or Russian seven-string guitar. On this site mentioned theme of contemporary music performed on classical guitar (jazz, rock, pop), since in essence it is a continuation of the lute. You will get acquainted with the works of ancient and contemporary composers and performers. Get access to a huge library of music, tablature and ancient manuscripts "Manuscript", photo and video gallery, links, hear many on-line music. You will learn how to played, play, and to play on the lute. You will be able to participate in discussions, ask a question or place an ad on the forum.
     Lute.ru radio 24 hours a day, listen on-line lute music. On-line player will open in a new window, you can continue to browse the site, listening to the lute. START >>>
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Sarge Gerbode   Mirror site gerbode.net Update: 26/06/2017
    Sarge Gerbode - psychologist, philosopher, researcher of lute music, arranger, collector and restorer of early lute manuscripts, the site owner gerbode.net (appropriate to even call this site a large database of lute tablature). On his Web site contains more than 8000 recycled their manuscripts in various digital formats (Fronimo, PDF, MIDI, TAB). The site is constantly updated.
    Here is a mirror site, which includes the entire database tablature. GO >>>
And here, this site is in Russian. GO >>>
  Early music in Russia
    Page about the musicians, early music ensembles, musical instrument artisan living in Russia or abroad. MORE >>>
Rob MacKillop   Welcome to The Scottish Guitar
    The book has 74 pages, and there are 40 mp3 files.
    It is the sum of many years researching and performing Scottish lute, cittern and guitar music.
The key thing is the performances.
    There is a continuity of style and technique going back nearly 1,000 years, which I have brought to the modern nylon and steel-strung guitar.
    As I say in the Introduction, this is more Scottish than 'Celtic'. MORE >>>
The new repertoir for the classical guitar   Classical guitar in rock and pop music
    The unique offer for players on classical guitar. If you study or play classical guitar and you have lack of interesting modern repertoire or you are publisher and look for interesting material, you are at the right place.
     Press MORE >>> and make sure that you haven't meet such and will not meet nowhere except at lute.ru.
  Series of notes for guitar
    "With own hands". You can look published in Russia notes from the series "With own hands" 1996-1999. Now you can download electronic versions of books of this series. MORE >>>
Evgueni Romantsov    M.T.Vysotskyon6-stringguitar
    This page about remarkable guitarist Evgueni Romantsov his CD and book with transcriptions of 7 on 6-string guitar works of the great Russian guitarist and composer Michael Timofeyevich Vysotsky. This is not just beautiful music and very talented transcriptions - this is preservation of the Russian guitar tradition. On this page you can freely download the book E. Romantsov and listen to him play on-line. MORE >>>
  Russian 7-stringed guitar
    It is the most mysterious musical instrument concerning the history. It is a lot of disputes, but anybody plainly cannot explain two hundred year's history of a seven-stringed guitar. Who was the founder of this instrument?, sources of occurrence?, etc.
    We hope, that this page will explain much and will promote revival of this remarkable musical instrument.
    On this page you will find a vast collection of tutorials, manuals and notes for seven-string guitar (Free Download). MORE >>>


Lute is the most wide-spread favourite
musical instrument
in many West European
countries of


The oldest compositions were intended for the 6-string lute. To the end of the 16-th century the 7-th string was added and then the strings number was increased.


having oval or other body and neck
along which the strings are stretched can be believed
to the lute family. Archaeological museum in Cairo keeps a small
lute with
a long neck
found in a burial
(1500 before our era)