Igor Varfolomeev's site about lute and guitar music

Lute solos (Fronimo) Lute solos
(ft3 + pdf, midi)
The section includes thousands and thousands of pieces for the lute. in the ft3 file format of the FRONIMO program (there is download link). All these files are duplicated in pdf and midi, which allows viewing them without installing the FRONIMO program. In this program, the default tablature displayed as French, but it is easy to switch to any other.
Lute books (Fandango) Lute books
This section contains the lute books and collections with more than 3000 products in E-format jtb Fandango program (formerly Django). Fandango allows you to conveniently view, create, edit, and listen to the files. In this section you can download this program. Allows you to easily switch between different types of tablatures (French, German, etc.)

Lute books (Acrobat Reader) Lute books
This section contains lute books in format PDF of program Adobe Acrobat Reader. This format approaches for any computer platform and allows to display covers and the most exotic fonts. The section will replenish.
Manuscripts (Image) Manuscripts
(jpg, png, pdf)
A manuscript or handwrit is a recording of information that has been manually created by someone or some people, such as a hand-written letter, as opposed to being printed or reproduced some other way. The word manuscript is derived from the Latin manu scriptum, literally "written by hand".

Classical guitar Classical guitar
This section contains virtually all published sheet music for classical guitar for the past three centuries, arranged for guitar works written for the lute and baroque guitar, transcriptions of works by famous composers, works of flamenco guitarists. In total, the library contains about 11000 pages.


Files in sections differ on format and contents.

Each section has its own file search system.