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Lute tabulature (ital.)

     Till the XVIIIth century music for all stringed musical instruments played by plucking was written by tabulatures. This record differed considerably from the modern note record. Certainly, it was simpler (in the technical aspect). But why didn't it come to our days? First, this record is peculiar only to the stringed musical instruments played by plucking and this is not very convenient. The tabulatures don't have dynamics signs, decorations such as melisms, grace-notes, leagues and many other applied in a modern notation. Besides of it, notes durations, including placed in chords, are always the same (a record is similar to one-voicing) and this doesn't allow to reflect the polyphony music. In this connection the performer must have a very high level of musical development but this has probably the special charm permitting the performer himself to create the control of his voice and interpret compositions dynamically and melodiously (an improvisation in some way). Simultaneously, simplicity and quickness in tabulature mastering for every beginner. But the main thing is the keeping of the instrument traditions.