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Guitar Convention
On October 30, 2010 the city of Modena will host the XXIII Guitar Convention.

The event, which is sponsored by the  Accademia Nazionale di  Scienze Lettere e Arti and organized by the
specially appointed Scientific Committee (Giuliano Balestra, Simona Boni, Giovanni Indulti,
Enrico Tagliavini, Vincenzo Pocci) will take place as last year in the elegant halls of the ancient
Palazzo Coccapani-D’Aragona, in the heart of the city.

This same Palazzo hosted , in 1933, the first Guitar Convention which was conceived by
Romolo Ferrari, a main character in the Italian guitar scene who’s importance was recognized in the
recently published volume Romolo Ferrari e la chitarra in Italia nella prima meta del Novecento
(Modena, Mucchi, 2009). In  line with the tradition initiated  by Romolo Ferrari the commitee is
designing this new Convention as a symbol of the struggle to give new value to the guitar through
research based both on a musicological approach.  

The program for the day will include musical performances along side with presentations of
recent research with the intention of deepening and spreading the knowledge on the history of the
Italian guitar scene in the past and present. The Scientific Committee is also in charge of the
Chitarra in Italia  project as illustrated on the website  www.chitarrainitalia.it and it invites to
collaboration whomever is interested in contributing with musical performances, research,
documents and, of course, passion for the guitar.

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