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Лютневые и барокк-гитарные курсы в Польше
"Foundation Pro Academia Narolense"

Foundation Pro Academia Narolense for the sixth time invites music academies' students and graduates to take part in Narol Academy courses in Narol, small town in Europe's borderland, among beautiful forests and hills of Roztocze, 10 km from Ukrainian border, in the place, where East and West cultures meet. Classes and meetings take place in XVIIIth century Los counts' palace, at present being rebuilt and renovated by Foundation. More than 200 years ago count Feliks Antoni Los has founded in his palace art school for painters, musicians and actors. Today we want to revive this tradition. Besides workshop classes we offer interdisciplinary meetings and lectures to course participants.  In 2005 we invite music academies' students and graduates interested in early music...

jeremy west (london)

playing techniques, interpretation, XVIIth century cornetto music 

anton birula (warsaw, st. petersburg)

master course - XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries lute music, teorba - chitarrone, French and German schools, interpretation, history, ornamentation, problems in performing J .S. Bach solo violin compositions transcribed for plucked instruments, basso continuo

baroque guitar 
anna kowalska (warsaw, st. petersburg)

baroque guitar in Spain, French and Italian music, basso continuo on baroque guitar 

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