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Lute society of the World
  The German Lute Society (Deutsche Lautengesellschaft e.V.)  The Lute Society of Japan
 The Lute Society. England   The French Lute Society (Societe Francaise de Luth)
 The Belgian Lute Society (Belgische Luitacademie)   The Italian Lute Society (Societa del Liuto)
 The Lute Society of America  The Lute Society of New France (Quebec)
 The Swedish Guitar and Lute Society (Svenska Gitarr och Luta Sallskapet)   The Dutch Lute Society (Nederlandse Luit Vereniging)
  The Argentine Society for Lutes and Early Guitars (la Asociacion Argentina de Laudes y Guitarras Antiguas)  Czech Viola da Gamba & Lute Society
 Scottish Lute and Early Guitar Society   The Vihuela Society (Sociedad de la Vihuela based in Spain)
 The Lute and Early Guitar Society of Japan   The Lute Society of New Zealand