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M.T.Vysotsky on 6-string guitar
Evgueni Romantsov
    Historically, the Russian guitar music, primarily related to the Russian seven-string guitar. More information about the seven-string guitar Here >>. Many of the performers on 6-string guitar dreamed of playing the finest works of M. Vysotsky (written for 7-string) on 6-string classical guitar, but the difference between the tuning do not allow this. Today, seven-string guitar is not as popular as before, resulting in huge lost luggage outstanding works, not just written for that instrument, but simply brilliant music.
    This page about remarkable guitarist Evgueni Romantsov his CD and book with transcriptions a 7- on a 6-string guitar by Mikhail Vysotsky. This is not just beautiful music and very talented transcriptions - this is preservation of the Russian guitar tradition.
Evgueni Romantsov

    Evgeny Romantsov: Artist, Musician, Composer, Guitarrist.
    Evgeny Romantsov was born on the May 24th, 1979 in St. Petersburg. His biography, concert and outreach is very extensive (see biography on the official site) and YouTube.
    He currently lives in Germany. His concert activity extends all over Germany and even some of its neighbour countries
    His repertoire includes pieces of all styles and ages.
    The philosophy of his music is as follows: "I am against the academicism of classical music, but I am also against the vulgarity of the mass pop culture. I am simply for good and beautiful music!".
     Since September 2003 he is the lecturer for classic Guitar at the "Volkshochschule" Munich.

Cover CD + track listing. Click to enlarge     2001: "For all who love the guitar" CD and 3 music books publications of the ingenious Compositions with the "Ziegler Publishing Company", Munich. With these unique Editions, his numerous concert activities, as well as some historical publications he revived the unfortunately forgotten Masterworks of the great Russian Composer, whose works became a legacy of the classical Guitar immediately after their release.

    Playing Evgueni sensual and soulful. Arrangements made by a very talented and comes with a detailed fingerings, which makes them available to learn a even for those who have not yet reached the heights in mastering instrument.
    Listen on-line play Evgueni Romantsov (some tracks CD):
vol.1 vol.2 vol.3
Enlarge1. Thema mit Variationen (orig. fis-moll)
2. "Du musst es Fuhlen" Thema mit Variationen
3. Mazurka
4. Fantasia: "Fur alle, die Gitarre lieben"

Download >>> (zip 5,86MB)
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Enlarge1. Variations on the Russian folksong "The Spinning Woman"
2. Prelude
3. Polonaise
4. Variations on the Russian folksong "What is Wrong, My Little Dove?"

Download >>> (zip 5,62MB)
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Enlarge1. Prelude in a-minor
2. Prelude in d-minor
3. Variations on the Russian folksong "On how I love them, the Pears from the Gardens"
4. Variations on the Russian folksong "O Thou My Mother, My Head Is Aching"

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