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Concert of lute music
Moscow State Academic philharmony and Concert-Show-room "Gagarinski, 4"
present on the 16th of December 2004, 19:00

You will have the unique opportunity to be absorbed in the atmosphere of the beautiful past - into the time when on the narrow streets bowled coaches and the Vaults of palace halls were illuminated of hundreds candles light and they were full of fascinating sounds - it was LUTE - the king instrument indeed.

In the concert "Music of kings epoch" will sound dance pieces and fragments from suites of the outstanding german composer - end of the XVII - begin of the XVIII century, contemporary of the great I.S.Bach, incomparable virtuoso, luteist of Saxon court choir in Dresden, Silvius Leopold Weiss performed by the soloist of Moscow State Academic philharmony, Honoured Artist of Russia, honorary member of European lute societies Alexander Suetin.

Address: Moscow, Gagarinski lane, 4. Metro "Kropotskinskaya",
exit to Prechistenka. References and tickets order on
the telephones: 229-11-92, 290-39-01

Alexander Suetin