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Festival of guitar music
Welcome to “Guitar Gems” International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition
Netanya, Israel 14.10.2007 – 18.10.2007

• The Municipality of Netaniya, the tourist company “A.M.A. Intertour” , Israel , tourist company “Forum”, Russia ,
company “String Meytar”, Israel , “Musica Eterna” Society, Israel, company “ Guitarras Madrigal”,
Spain are organizing the 2-nd International Guitar Festival - Competition "Guitar Gems 2007"
that will take place in Netanya, Israel, from Sunday, October 14 to Thursday October 18, 2007.

• The competition will be conducted in two rounds: preliminary and final round.

Number of finalists is not limited.

No age limit.


1-st prize – 3000$,

• Concert guitar "Madrigal", made by luthier Antonio Picado, model “Daniel” special edition
• Laureate Diploma
• Opening concert at the next "Guitar Gems" Festival-Competition
• Recital at the “Tabula Rasa” International Classical Guitar Festival ( Russia )
(both concerts are for free)

2-nd prize
1500$, Laureate Diploma

3-rd prize
1000$, Laureate Diploma

4–7 places
Laureate Diplomas

8-10 places
Honorary Diplomas

Special prizes to young performers (up to 18 years old):

1st prize
300$, concert guitar "Madrigal", made by Manuel Bachiller, honorary diploma.

2nd prize
200$, honorary diploma.

The concerts

14.10.2007, at 20:30 - Alexander Ponomarchuk (Russia), the winner of "Guitar Gems" 2006
15.10.2007, at 20:30 - Yoram Zerbib (Israel), Sergei Matokhin (Russia) & Alexei Belousov (Israel)
16.10.2007, at 20:30 - Elias Taiseer (Israel) & Zohar Fresco, percussion (Israel)
17.10.2007, at 20:30 - Daniel Akiva (Israel), guitar & Yaheli Toren, singer (Israel)
18.10.2007, at 17:00 - Concert of the winners of the Competition
18.10.2007, at 20:00 - David Pavlovits (Hungary)

Master classes of the members of the Jury: 14.10.2007 – 18.10.2007

Guitar sales & exhibition. Guitars by “Guitarras Madrigal”


Festival Organizing Committee: fax ++972-2-6799498
E-mail: Guitar-Gems@mail.ru

Alexei Belousov, artistic-director: ++972-544-607533 / ++972-522-635857
E-mail: Guitar-Gems@mail.ru

“AMA Intertour“ Ltd
21 Alenby st, Tel-Aviv
Tel: ++972-3-5104522
Fax: ++972-3-5106718
E-mail: intertour@intertourama.com

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