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Festival of the Lute
11th International Festival of the Lute
Kassel - Germany
2007, 18th to 20th of May

The 11th International Festival of the Lute organized by the German Lute Society (DLG e.V.) in cooperation with Hessischer Rundfunk, University of Kassel, University Library - State Library and Murhard Library of the City of Kassel and the Museum of Sepulkralkultur in Kassel will be celebrated 2007 in the city of Kassel, 18th to 20th of May. The festival offers concerts, lectures, exchange of practical experience with experts and a sales exhibition of international well-known luthiers and publishers. The target group for the festival is wide spread. To offer people a first contact to the lute, it's music, repertoire and history is as much important as to offer experts in theory and practice a platform on a high level. The responsible manager of the festival, Oliver Holzenburg, lutenist living in (Basel/Switzerland) and member of the directing board of the DLG e.V., has "composed" again a first class program for these multiple demands. One of the highlights will be the concert of Joachim Held, honoured with the "Echo" for the best Solo CD in 2006 with music from the 18th century. Joachim Held is going to present a concert with music from Joachim Bernhard Hagen and Silvius Leopold Weiss. This concert will be broadcast recorded (Hessischer Rundfunk).

Following other artists are going to enjoy the audience during the festival as well:

Ana Paula Segurola Pita (virginal) and Gabriel Schebor (lute) from Buenos Aires/Argentina.

Pietro Prosser (Rovereto/Italy), playing on a original bass calichon form 1704. The luthier Bob van de Kerckhove (Cremona/Italy) is gong to held a short lecture about this wonderful instrument.

Michel Cardin (Moncton/Canada), one of the leading experts in the music of Silvius Leopold Weiss will give a lecture about the "London Manuscript" in combination with a concert.

Music from John Dowland (who didn't stay in Kassel!) and others will be presented by Theresia Bothe (soprano) und Peter Croton (lute), both coming from Basel.

Renaissance music from the Court of Landgraf von Hessen will be played by the Frankfurt Renaissance Ensemble (conductor: Matthias Schneider).

Families with their children are invited to join a concert which is organized especially for them as an introduction to the wonderful and fascinating world of lute music (lutes played by Beate Dittmann and Alexander Lowe - both Berlin, accompanied by Hans Pra'ny (tenor) and assisted by Achim Eckhardt (Kassel)).

The "Rozetta lute duo" from Hungary (founded in 2004) is a team with a brilliant feeling for the lute's sound, presenting a concert with the title "Contrapunto".

Another highlight will be the concert of "La luth echantee" (Marion Ferme -- recorder (Hamburg), Anna Kowalska and Anton Birula -- lutes (Warschau)). "La luth echantee" will present music from court and theatre between 1670 and 1705.

Lectures will be hold by:

Dr. Joachim Ludtke (Laaber/Germany): "Dowland didn't stay!".

Markus Lutz (Bad Buchau/Germany): "Im Schatten des alteren Bruders - Johann Sigismund Weiss, «uber diss ein vortrefflicher Gambist und Violinist und Componist»". Werke mit und ohne Laute.

Michael Freimuth (Warnau/Schleswig-Holstein): "Das Harracher Manuskript".

Dr. Frank Legl (Weilheim/Germany): "Johann Caspar Goethe und die Laute".

A free practical course about the interpretation of lute music (for Renaissance and Baroque lute, vihuela or arciliuto) is offered by Peter Croton. A seperate registration is required (petercroton@yahoo.de).

The entrance fee for all concerts and lectures: 40,-- EURO. The entrance fee for one day: 15,-- EURO.
For members of the DLG e.V. and children under the age of 16 the entrance is free.

Tickets reservation is possible until the 10th of May: ticket@lautengesellschaft.de

The complete 2007 International Festival of the Lute's program (in German) is available at www.lautengesellschaft.de

Welcome to the IFL 2007 in Kassel!

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Public relations German Lute Society
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