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      This section covers the basic theoretical information (on the left), which are important to begin to play the lute. If you do not have the lute, then you can play the guitar lute tablature. For this purpose the "How to read classical guitar lute tablature?" Which describes how to do this. In order to start an in-depth study of the lute should apply to schools and benefits of popular artists and authors (see "Methodological literature"). The best solution is to find a teacher-practice.
     Also, play the lute - is not only a rhythmic pinching the strings reading tablature, but, above all, the centuries-old culture that must be understood. Only in this case your game will be recognized and highly artistic. Encouraged by the fact that nowadays there are online and you can not only listen but also to see the performers.
     I will allow myself one piece of advice before you start to do, check out these:

Listen to the lute radio
     24 hours a day in the lute radio. On-line player will open in a new window, you can continue to browse the site, listening to the lute. Attention! If a player is not initialized (after START you can not see player), then upgrade your Flash Player at website at this link: update flash player START >>>

Meet with the works of various artists
     Go to page "Review of the lute CD"

See video
    On the "Video. Lute instruments" several lute video and playlist YouTube consists of 40 selected videos totaling 3 hours 30 minutes.

Read the story of lute music
      On the history of lute music, history, tools, etc. here >>