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      The new collection is a new repertoir for the classical guitar by Igor Varfolomeev. A composition, introduced in the collection is a perfect repertoire (concert) and study appendix not only for people who can play guitar but also for those who begin to join guitar art. The guitar is wide spreaded in the whole world. It is suitable for concerts, family holidays, leisure hours. At present millions of people play guitar and the interest for this instrument is increasing, this requires a new original modern approach based on firm classic traditions.
     The new collection there are arrangements for the classical guitar of the best compositions from the world stars' repertoires in pop, rock and jazz style witch form the treasury of world variety music and are classical now. (See the content below)
      The main merit of the collection is performing simplicity even for them who doesn't play guitar well. The arrangements are made in that way that they are playing easily at sight, don't require serious performing preparation, but keep style and soul of the original. Notes are accompanied by the fingering and are made in accordance with all note rules.
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     But main is an ideal quality musical graphic as in this case are used not scan raster images of pages, and usual fonts (music symbols) which are introduced into a PDF-file. It enables a seal without necessity of installation of fonts on your system and does not influence quality of the image at change of scales, as at viewing, and print.
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      You have a unique opportunity to buy all for $40 this note book consisting of 147 pages (format PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader), including 74 most popular compositions from the world stars' repertoires rock, pop and jazz of music in arrangement for the classical guitar.
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       Below look the list of musical pages of a rate, where it is possible (On-Line) to listen to versions of play on the classical guitar and as to look notes.
Contents "New collection"
Section I "Pop-music"
1  Joe Dassin  Es Si Tu N'existais Pas
2  Joe Dassin  L'Ite Indien
3  Michael Legrand  Je t'attendrai (From the film "Les Parapluies De Cherbourg")
4  Francis Lai  Love Story (From the film "Love Story")
5  Demis Russos  From Souvenirs To Souvenirs
6  Mireille Mathieu  Pardonne Moi Ce Caprise D'Enfant
7  Teach-In  I'm Alone
8  Nino Rota  Speak Softly Love (From the film "The Godfather")
9  ABBA  I Have A Dream
10  Julio Iglesias  Nostalgie
11  Stevie Wonder  I Just Called To Say I Love You (in reduction)
12  Barbara Sreisand  Woman In Love
13  Sting  Filds Of Gold
14  Sting  Saint Agnes And The Burning Train
15  Chris De Burgh  The Snow In New -York
16  Richard Marx  Right Here Waiting
17  Mark Knopfler  The Friend's Song, Happy Ending
18  Madonna  Material Girl
19  Michael Jackson  You Are Not Alone
20  Michael Jackson  Earth Song
21  Bee Gees  How Deep Is Your Love
Section II "Rock-music"
22  Elvis Presley  Love Me Tender
23  Animals  House Of The Rising Sun
24  Rolling Stones  Lady Jane
25  Rod Stewart  Sailing (in reduction)
26  The Beatles  Here, There And Everywhere
27  The Beatles  Let It Be
28  Andrew Lloyd Webber  The Last Supper
29  Andrew Lloyd Webber  I Don't Know How To Love Him
30  Bob Dylon  Knockin' On The Heaven's Door
31  Deep Purple  Soldier Of Fortune
32  Led Zeppelin  Stairway To Heaven (in reduction)
33  Black Sabbath  She's Gone
34  Ozzi Osbourne  Goodbye To Romance
35  Pink Floyd  The Gunners Dream
36  Pink Floyd  Is There Anybody Out There
37  Eric Clapton  Tears In Heaven
38  Status Quo  You're In The Army Now
39  Queen  Love Of My Life
40  Queen  Bohemian Rhapsody (in reduction)
41  Scorpions  Wind Of Change
42  Guns'N'Roses  Patience
43  Guns'N'Roses  Don't Cry
Section III "From Pop and Rock to Jazz"
44  The Beatles  Yesterday
45  The Beatles  Because
46  The Beatles  Hey, Jude
47  The Beatles  In My Life
48  The Beatles  Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
49  The Beatles  Michelle
50  The Beatles  Girl
51  The Beatles  When I'm Sixty Four
52  The Beatles  With A Little Help From My Friends
53  Andrew Lloyd Webber  Memory
54  Andrew Lloyd Webber  The Phantom Of The Opera
55  Frank Sinatra  Strangers In The Night
56  Elvis Presley  Are You Lonesome Tonight
57  Morris Albert  Feelings
58  Ariel Ramires  La Peregrinacion
59  Igor Varfolomeev  The Sigh
60  Harold Faltermeyer  Axel F (From the film “Beverly Hills Cop”)
61  Whitney Houston  Saving All My Love For You
62  The Eagles  Hotel Callifornia
63  Righteous Brothers  Unchained Melody (From the film “Ghost”)
64  Celine Dion  My Heart Will Go On (From the film “Titanic”)
65  V. Maslov  The Dream
66  Paul Desmond  Take Five
67  Joe Garlend  In The Mood (From the film “Sunvalley Serenade”)
68  George Gershwin  The Man I Love (From Musical "Lady Be Good")
69  Jerome Kern  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Section IV "The Ending"
70  Stevie Wonder  I Just Called To Say I Love You (full version)
71  Michel Legrand  Je t'attendrai (full version)
72  Rod Stewart  Sailing (full version)
73  Queen  Bohemian Rhapsody (full version)
74  Led Zeppelin  Stairway To Heaven (full version)


The book "New collection" will consist of 147 pages and 4 sections excellent note graphics.
Section I "Pop-music"
Section II "Rock-music"
Section III "From Pop and Rock to Jazz"
Section III "From Pop and Rock to Jazz"
It has 74 most popular songs of the pop, rock and jazz era.

CD - appendix
Listing of compositions of the Collection.
(Under construction. Dates of publication unknown)

All transpositions and arrangements, drawing up by Igor Varfolomeev.

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