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EnlargeEnlarge     John Downland: A Dream - Hopkinson Smith

John Dowland, A Dream - Hopkinson Smith (2002)
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Hopkinson Smith

John Downland:

A Dream
1. Frogg Galliard
2. A Dream
3. Lady Hunsdon's Allemande
4. La Mia Barbara
5. Lady Clifton's Spirit
6. A Galliard
7. Melancholy Galliard
8. Sir John Smith's Almain
9. Lachrimae Pavin
10. A Fantasie
11.Mauritius - Dowland Pavin
12. The King Of Denmark's Galliard
13. Farwell
14. Queen Elizabeth's Galliard
15. The Earl Of Essex's Galliard
16. Dowland's Lamentation - Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens
17. A Fancy
18. Lady Rich's Galliard
19. Fortune My Foe
20. Mrs. White's Nothing

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