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     Music is as natural for us as human speech, dance motion. From the very beginning the man expressed his feelings with rhythmical motions and sounds. Some do it with the voice and others help themselves with some device. For the whole history the mankind produced many musical instruments - wind instruments, percussion instruments, stringed instruments - very different in timbre coloring, aesthetically beautiful in form and wonderfully laconic in construction. Among the great diversity of this human works the guitar takes particular place. This is one of the most wide spread musical instruments. It is assumed that the playing musical instruments is the privilege of especially gifted people. But many of us have aptitudes to understand and to repeat sound melodies and rhythms. It is not obligatory to be a Frenchman to speak French. We are born in the sound world and everybody of us is a musician. Some of them show their aptitudes earlier, the others - later. But it is accessible for everybody or almost for everybody. It may be that somebody will be afraid of notes. But as the speech is written by letters, the sounds are kept on the paper by notes.
     Learn to understand music language and countless riches of human soul saved during centuries will be opened to you. (Foreword from the book "Music of your soul" issue 2).
Issue1 Guitar for all Issue2 Music of your soul Issue3 Guitar classics
Guitar for all     The first issue "Guitar for all" was published at the end 1996. It includes 63 arrangements of the most popular romances, music from films, song of the most famous rock-performers, variety art and classical music. 80-pages edition was published of 1000 copies. 1997 the issue was republished with the new cover and edited note text made in best traditions of note graphic. The issue compositions are supplied with detailed fingering what makes them accessible for people who begins to play guitar. The edition is sold and is absent a sale. The republishing is not planned now.
(In Russian language)

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Attention! The compositions designated in this list:, and in notes meaning as "fragment", are reduced and facilitated, i.e. are adapted for beginning guitar players. Their full versions you will find in "New Collection "

Песня о друге. В. Высоцкий (к/ф "Вертикаль")
Как жизнь без весны... В. Лебедев (к/ф "Гардемарины, вперед")
До свиданья лето. А Зацепин (к/ф "Центровой из поднебесья")
Я тебя никогда не забуду... А. Рыбников (из "Юнона и Авось")
Гори гори моя звезда П. Булахов (романс)
Утро туманное В. Абаза (романс)
Две гитары за стеной...
Клен ты мой опавший...
Очи черные
Черное и белое Э. Колмановский (из к/ф "Большая перемена")
Подмосковные вечера В. Соловьев-Седой
Ваше благородие... И. Шварц (к/ф "Белое солнце пустыни")
Вы шумите березы Э. Ханок
Песня про зайцев А. Зацепин (из к/ф "Бриллиантовая рука")
Постой паровоз (к/ф "Операция "Ы")
Песня про танкиста (из к/ф "Старые песни о главном")
Шаланды полные кефали Н. Богословский (из к/ф "Два бойца")
Мохнатый шмель... А. Петров (из к/ф "Жестокий романс")
Вальс "Бостон" А. Розенбаум
Как жаль Е.Хавтан (Браво)
Канцона Ф.де Милано (Б .Г.)
Игра В. Цой (Кино)
Зурбаган Ю. Чернавский (к/ф "Выше радуги")
Не отрекаются любя М. Минков (А.Пугачева)
А на последок я скажу А. Петров (из к/ф "Жестокий романс")
Sailing K. Sutherland (Rod Stewart)
Return to Sorrento E.Kurtis (The Italian song)
Speak Softly Love Nino Rota (from motion picture "Goodfather")
Love Story F.Lai (from motion picture "Love Story")
Happy Birthday! (Congratulation)
Melody. P.Moria (P.Moria orchestra)
El Condor Pasa
L'Ete Indien Ward, Cutugno, Pallavicini, Losito (Joe Dassin)
Pardonne Moi Caprise D'Enfant P.Karly (Mireille Mathieu)
Je T'attendrai M.Legrand (from m/p "Les Parapluies De Cherbourg")
La Peregrinacion A.Ramires
The Last Supper A.L.Webber ("Jesus Christ Superstar")
I Don't Know How To Love Him A.L.Webber ("Jesus Christ Superstar")
Love My Tender Elvis Presley
Lady Jane M.Jagger, K.Richard (Rolling Stones)
Yesterday J.Lennon, P.McCartney (The Beatles)
In My Life J.Lennon, P.McCartney (The Beatles)
Hey, Jude! J.Lennon, P.McCartney (The Beatles)
Here There And Everywhere J.Lennon, P.McCartney (The Beatles)
You Are Not Alone R.Kelly (Michael Jackson)
Feelings M.Albert
Woman In Love B. and R.Gibb (Barbara Streisand)
Strangers In The Night B.Kempfert (Frank Sinatra)
Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton
I Just Called To Say I Love You S.Wonder
Wind Of Change K.Meine (Scorpions)
Soldier Of Fortune D.Coverdale, R.Blackmore (Deep Purple)
She's Gone Ozzi Osbourne (Black Sabbath)
Stairway To Heaven J.Page, R. Plant (Led Zeppelin)
Bohemian Rhapsody F.Mercury (Queen)
Love Of My Life F.Mercury (Queen)

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Music of your soul     The second issue "Music of your soul" (for beginners) was published 1997. It includes 38 easy and well-known compositions of different musical genres in arrangement for a classical guitar, and are intended for beginners. The main part is dedicated to Russian folk music. Also there are examples of country and rock-n-roll music. Each composition is not large and it fits for small performers. The issue consists of 32 pages. It was published in edition of 1000 copies. All arrangements are supplied with detailed fingering helping to reach playing easiness and sound beauty. It is out of sale now. The republishing is not planned now.
(In Russian language)

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Народные песни

Ой, да не вечер
Тонкая рябина
То не ветер ветку клонит
Под окном черемуха колышется
Ой, дивчина зарученная
Ой, цветет калина И. Дунаевский
Ой, мороз, мороз
Во поле береза стояла
Елочка М. Красаев
Степь да степь кругом
Ехал казак за дунай
Чернобровый, черноокий
Мой костер...
Будьте здоровы
Одинокая гармонь Б. Мокроусов
Черные брови


Над волнами Ю. Розас
Дунайские волны И. Ивановичи
Вальс А. Лауро


Романс А. Гомес
На заре ты ее не буди А. Варламов
Романс Р. Бартолли
Романс Н. Эскара
Романс Р. Толстых

Старинная музыка

Зеленые рукава Старинная английская песня
К Элизе Л. ван Бетховен

Музыкальный калейдоскоп

В настроении Д. Гарленд
Ах, Одесса...
Песня извозчика Н. Богословский
Поручик Голицин
Кубинский танец
Шоро Д. Семензато
Toccata P.Moria
Feelings M.Albert
Girl J.Lennon, P.McCartney

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Guitar classics     The third issue "Guitar classics" was published 1999. It is collection of legendary classical compositions for a guitar. It includes 5 compositions whith should be listed: F.Sor "Variciones Brillantes"., F.Tarrega "Arab Capriccio"., A.Barrios "Cafedral"., F.Moreno-Torroba "Minueto Del Majo"., I.Albenis "Legenda". The peculiarity of this collection is that all compositions of such a high level are supplied with detailed fingering thus giving the possibility for beginners to play them. The guitarist-amateur can analyze them without assistance.
(In Russian language)

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Biographies of composers
Биографии композиторов


Вариации на тему оперы Моцарта «Волшебная флейта»
Fernando Sor Фернандо Сор

Арабское каприччио Серенада
Francisco Tarrega-Eshea Франсиско Таррега Эшеа

Agustin Barrios Августин Барриос

Изящный менует
Federico Moreno-Torroba Фредерико Морено-Торроба

Isaak Albeniz Исаак Альбенис

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