Лютня кантабиле

The Liuto Cantabile is a ten-stringed mandoloncello.

The instrument belonged to the mandolin family that instead of being strung with 4 double strings tuned like the violoncello, was given an extra highest string pair. The tuning of the liuto cantabile (or liuto moderno as it was also named) was: CC-GG-dd-aa-e'e'. This bass variant of the Mandolin family was created by the famous Neapolitan luthiers of the Vinaccia family in the late 19th Century and perfected by Raffaele Calace. It was mainly used a bass instrument in the Classical mandolin quartet (Mandolin I and II, Mandoliola/mandola and Liuto cantabile).

A number of solo works was written for it, though eventually it was replaced by the regular mandocello. It is however, still being used.

Calace Liuto Cantabile Fret Scale: 61 cm (24")